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Money School

No one teaches you in school about finance, taxes, budgets, or stuff like how to create a will. DCRAC offers all that—at no cost.


Types of classes we offer

Budgeting, Saving, and Credit
Homeownership & Mortgages
Investments and Insurance
Medicare and Healthcare
Retirement and Social Security
Wills and Estate Planning



As early as 1995, we realized that many individuals in the United States, young and old, lack the basic knowledge required to engage in sound economic decision making, which threatens their prosperity and financial wellbeing. We taught personal budgeting and taxes to banking and business accounting, knowing that financial skills are learned—and not everyone gets to learn them at home or in grade school. Managing money is a challenge for many of the people who most need those skills.

Money School works tirelessly to move the needle on strengthening the opportunities for anyone seeking stronger educational foundations in understanding and managing their financial lives. 

Because so many generations of so many communities haven’t been treated fairly when it comes to financial inclusion and opportunity, there’s simply no passing-down of knowledge when it comes to opening a bank account or managing a mortgage. It can be a huge mental shift to then engage with traditional banking, even when clients understand the basic value of saving money, setting a budget, and achieving financial stability.

What's more, not everything requires an expert to deal with, or an expensive set of services. While recognizing financial education alone cannot overcome the impacts of historic and ongoing disenfranchisement of some communities, everyone needs to understand the basics of what goes on with their personal finances…and what they can do about it.



How is Money School different than any other organization that is engaged in this space?
Basically, we do two different things: Our partners provide coaching and counseling, and we focus on teaching.
Can I meet with someone at the Money School for help with my finances?
Unfortunately, our focus is only on financial education.  All classes we tech are on our website.  These classes are free to attend.
How do I sign-up for a Money School class?
Registered students are able to sign-up for the class you wish to attend.
What if I don't want to register as a student but want to attend a class you offer?
We welcome anyone who wants to attend a class we offer.  There is only one catch.  If we cancel a class for any reason, you may not know about it.
How will Money School help me?
Not knowing what you don’t know about debt, credit, and finance can be dangerous—with consequences that hold you accountable for years. No one teaches you in school about finance, taxes, budgets, or stuff like how to create a will. DCRAC offers all that—at no cost. When it comes to your finances, not everything requires an expert to deal with—but you want to understand what’s going on and what you can do about it.

Some of the volunteers you’ll be working with

Peter Gaertner, CFP, CDFA, RICP, MBA
Affinity Wealth Management, LLC
Darren A. Moore, CHFC
State Farm
Steven Michael
Hafetz & Associates
Robert Jeter, CFP, CRPC
InFocus Financial Advisors
Jaclyn Quinn, Esq.
Rashmi Rangan, Esq.
Harriet Stokes
eXp Realty
Deirdre McCartney, Esq.
Sergovic Carmean Weidman McCartney & Owens, P.A.
Bob Burakieicz
Responsible College Advocates
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