DCRAC History

Wealth is an essential buffer against economic shocks. And wealth is distributed inequitably. We were founded to realize the promise of an accessible, community-centric financial system for ALL so we could make a dent in the widening racial wealth gap.

We provide low- and no-cost services to folks statewide that empower them to take charge of their financial lives. From wraparound, customized services to education and advocacy efforts, we’ve built the state’s leading community institutions dedicated to addressing the racial wealth gap.

Today, we are building a just economy by creating institutions that offer legal, financial, educational. and banking services our affluent neighbors take for granted to any clients that need them.

DCRAC Founded
Credit Clinic established. In 2019, we acquired the Money School, a DFLI program
Annual fundraiser: Celebrate CRA launched. Today, we participate in 4 annual fundraisers and have launched a Equity Capital Campaign
Website launched
TV program debuted which ended with the pandemic
Bilingual staff added
Housing Clinic established to provide foreclosure counseling. Today, Tangled Title/Heirs’ Property work to preserve foreclosures is brought under DCRAC Law
Tax clinic established
TV program debuted
Stepping Stones FCU opens doors
DCRAC Law formally launched
We launch our ambitious Equity Capital Campaign

Our Founder - James H. Sills, Jr.

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Dr. James H. Sills, Jr: Impact on Delaware through one non-profit—DCRAC—he founded in 1987

Oral History

We took some time to look back with three of our former chairmen
An interview with our founder, James H. Sills, Jr.

Bob Watson, Jr. led us through planning and preparing for excellence

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Pictured: Bob Watson Jr.

Domenic Pedante takes us to a whole new level

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Pictured: Domenic Pedante