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Financial stability isn’t just about money in the bank—it’s understanding what you do with it, and what can happen to it. Our services go alongside your financial needs: title, tax, estate planning, and more.


About DCRAC Law

Most attorneys and tax accountants cannot afford to take on low-wealth clients or clients with complicated issues to resolve. For instance, a low-income taxpayer is 5 times more likely to be audited by the IRS than a higher-income taxpayer—but much less likely to have the means to sort out their financial life. Such cases are our entire practice. From representing clients before the IRS and in U.S. Tax Court to untangling homeownership documentation through the Title Project, our low- and no-cost services enable every client to take advantage of the same opportunities their affluent counterparts take for granted. Annually, we serve 300 clients, protect over $10 million in assets, and provide consultation to over 600 clients on estate planning, tax issues, titles, and more.

Many complex factors—historic, societal, economic, and more—contribute to the racial wealth disparities and inequality of access that have built our current society. We recognize that individuals, families, and businesses facing barriers to economic mobility need the same structural supports that the affluent take for granted—legal counsel, financial education, banking services, and consumer protections—yet have far less guidance in navigating these essential spaces.
That’s why we offer interventions that address the root structural problems behind systemic discrimination.

Federally funded poverty law addresses all aspects of legal entanglement except criminal and in Delaware the two areas we serve—estate and tax law.

Your cases are our entire practice, and we offer them at low or no cost.


Advancing Minority Property Ownership through Titling Heirs’ Property & Estate Planning since 2019

Low-wealth communities without access to estate law services get tangled in title issues that deprive them of the full benefit of owning a home--unable to tap into the home’s value, unable to sell or take out equity loans, or get homeowner’s insurance or qualify for programs aimed at helping them. In 2019, the wealth gap between black and white households is startling- Black households had 14.5 percent of the wealth of white households, with an absolute dollar gap of $838,2201. One way we address the perpetuation of racial and economic inequities is through estate planning.

Without the legal services we provide, families could lose their wealth, and, in some cases, it could effectively land them in poverty--- some without a home to live in.

Ensuring the tax system works fairly for all

For those experiencing financial hardship, the potential monetary impact of a tax controversy can be devastating. A tax controversy can arise from the IRS denying a claim for an anti-poverty credit or imposing a penalty for failing to follow the requirements of the Affordable Care Act. Problems can emanate from a job loss, a divorce, an illness, an unsuccessful business venture, failure to file taxes and taxes that were computed incorrectly. The IRS has a variety of powerful tools at its disposal to collect unpaid liabilities. Choosing the appropriate avenue for seeking relief and communicating with the IRS can be overwhelming.

But even more, we want to help you prevent big problems by taking the right steps right now.


How is DCRAC Law different from other Law firms?

Most attorneys just can’t afford to take on low-wealth clients, or clients with complicated issues to resolve. That’s what makes DCRAC Law different—your cases are our entire practice, and we offer them at low or no cost.

DCRAC Law identified two areas of critical need in our community: A lawyer to represent clients when they must go against the IRS and a lawyer to help you keep your home from foreclosure if it is not in your name. Financial stability isn’t just about money in the bank—it’s understanding what you do with it, and what can happen to it. DCRAC Law offers the services that go alongside your financial needs: title issues, tax troubles, estate planning, and more.

Does DCRAC Law provide anything else?
Many people don’t realize they need a will, even if they don’t have a lot of wealth on hand. We want to make sure that, if something happens to you, your loved ones—and everything you’ve worked hard for—get taken care of.
What is the difference between the Tax Clinic and VITA sites?
VITA providers are our strongest partners.  They prepare taxes for free.  Our Tax Clinic provides a lawyer for free. Tax debt can be a huge financial burden and having a free lawyer by your side makes dealing with the IRS a little easier.  Tax debt can be a huge financial burden and having a free lawyer by your side makes dealing with the IRS a little easier. 
How do you charge for legal services?
We have a simple fee schedule for different services, although we’re are open to discussing payment arrangements if needed. Some types of legal services do require their own expenses: filing fees, for instance, or other necessary documents and actions like appraisals, title searches, deed filings, or court fees. Those fees are the client’s responsibility, so we do our best to provide an estimate of what they can expect at the outset. 
How are you supposed to help me with my tax issues when you’re funded by the IRS?
It’s actually thanks to the IRS that we can help you—the agency wants every taxpayer to be able to navigate the system without too much undue burden. Congress created Low Income Tax Clinic grants in 1998 specifically to make sure that people in your position can get the tax services they need—and make sure you’re paying what you owe, not more. 

DCRAC Attorneys

Jaclyn Quinn Esq.
Anthony Dohring Esq.
Rashmi Rangan Esq.
James Angus, Esq. Volunteer
Mayela Rosales
Cristian Tijerino
Outreach Director
Retired attorneys face the unique challenge of "keeping in shape" a life and mental acuity predicated on issue identification and issue resolution. I invite you to join me as a volunteer attorney at DCRAC Law and in doing so offer your legal talent for the betterment of deserving individuals and strengthening DCRAC Law's capacity to serve our local community. You will learn heartfelt smiles are wondrous compensation for your talents.
James S. Angus, Esq.
Volunteer Attorney
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